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Integration - Getting Started with Gusto or Rippling

Gusto and Rippling integrate with EasyLlama to sync employees to your EasyLlama dashboard and automatically assign Harassment Prevention training based on location and role.  Currently other trainings can be automated by submitting a request to 

Connecting to Gusto or Rippling from EasyLlama

  1. Sign in to your EasyLlama dashboard.
  2. Click Settings in the menu on the left.
  3. Click Integrations under “Settings”.
  4. Click the Connect button on the Gusto or Rippling tile. 
  5. This will direct you to Gusto’s website. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Sign In.
  6. You will be redirected back to EasyLlama Integrations Page. 

To confirm you’ve been connected successfully, check that Gusto is listed as "Connected" on the Integrations page.

Employee-sync from Gusto/Rippling to EasyLlama

Employees will automatically sync to your EasyLlama account at 5PM PST every evening. Users are matched between systems based on email address.

To ensure a successful sync:
  • All new employees must be fully onboarded.
  • All employees must have a work address. This determines their location in EasyLlama.
  • Supervisors must have at least one direct report assigned - this determines their Supervisor status and assures they will sync over as a Supervisor and be assigned the correct training. 

If you don’t see one or more employees listed in your EasyLlama account that you’d expect, wait one business day for the employee(s) to sync, or click Synchronize from the Integrations page.

To automatically assign Harassment Prevention training, be sure to go to Settings > Integrations > Click on the three dots on the Gusto or Rippling Icon > Settings > Toggle on auto-assign and notify. Other courses can be automatically assigned by submitting a request to

Trainings will be automatically assigned to new hires only within a day and are based on a variety of factors which include: role, location, and whether or not they have direct reports. Notifications will be sent by email.