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Illinois SB75 Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

On 9th August 2019, The Governor of Illinois J.B Pritzker signed anti-harassment Senate Bill SB 75 Act that requires all the private sector employers or companies in Illinois with one or more employees to offer sexual harassment training in the workplace annually. According to the law and Illinois Department of Human Rights, all employees working in Illinois, whether on contract, part-time, full time, or the interns, must receive the training. The law became effective in January 2020.

The law also requires additional supplement training for bars and restaurants. The aim of the training includes

  • The activities, conducts, and videos that relate to bar and restaurants

  • Explain to the managers their responsibilities and liabilities

  • Spanish and English options

The SB75 Bill had four different sets of law that governs businesses. They include the sexual harassment victim representation Act, Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act, Victims Economic Security and Safety Act, and the Workplace Transparency Act. Employers must make the training accessible to all employees. For instance, if some employees do not understand English, the trainer must teach them in a language that they understand.

All the bars and restaurants in Illinois must ensure the training takes place following the Illinois Department of Human Rights regulations. At EasyLlama, we offer online training courses related to sexual harassment in the workplace. We work with legal experts who ensure we provide updated services that meet the rules and regulations of the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) on sexual harassment.



The employers must keep records of all the available training documents and produce them to IDHR during the inspection. The documents include

  • Electronic and paper copies used during training

  • Copies of the certificate showing the completion of the training

  • The names of the employees who attend the training

  • The date that the training took place

  • The name of the trainer

  • The type of training for instance online, seminars, radio or video

SB75 Sexual Harassment Online Training Requirements

The anti-harassment SB 75 state of law requires all businesses to comply with the rules of training employees on the type of sexual harassment and prevention methods. Illinois became the 6th state to implement this law. The trainer also ensures that employees know the bodies where they can report sexual harassment complaints. The bodies include

  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

  • Illinois Department of Human Right (IDHR)

The Illinois Department of Human Rights issues the requirements to follow for sexual harassment training to take place. The requirements include

  • A clear definition of sexual harassment according to the Illinois Department of Human Right

  • Detailed examples of behaviors that constitute sexual harassment

  • The procedure of reporting any sexual harassment

  • The definition, illegality, and protection from retaliation

  • Specific examples of sexual harassment behaviors in bars and restaurants, according to IDHR

  • A relevant summary of the responsibilities of the supervisors and managers according to the law

  • Overview of employer responsibilities on how to investigate, take the correct measures and prevent workplace sexual harassment

  • The relevant federal laws that fight against sexual harassment

  • The remedies offered to a sexual harassment victim

The SB75 Sexual Harassment Policies

The SB75 law requires all employers to implement ways of preventing sexual harassment by following the rules and regulations according to the law. The most effective preventive measure is to introduce a sexual harassment policy. The employer should provide an updated policy written in both English and Spanish. The new employees should also receive their policy at the beginning of the week that they got employed. The details in the policy include

  • The sexual harassment definition

  • An accurate description of sexual harassment

  • The methods used to prevent sexual harassment

  • The legal action taken in case an employee is violated

  • The remedies offered to a violated employee

  • Protection from retaliation

  • The sexual harassment complaint procedure and the contact of the anti-sexual harassment bodies, for instance, IDHR.

Employers from different companies in Illinois must play a significant role in ensuring the working environment is conducive for all employees. The law requires them to implement the updated employers' requirements.

Employers should facilitate the training of all the employees in the company, from the board of directors, supervisors, senior leaders, and managers in the company, and the training should take place yearly. It includes how to respond and prevent sexual harassment inside the workplace and maintain a peaceful working environment.

Employers must facilitate an additional training program. They should also ensure the training is conducted according to the federal state of law SB75.

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