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Free Sexual Harassment Training Resources Versus EasyLlama

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Free Sexual Harassment Training Resources Versus EasyLlama

If you are a franchisee, staffing agency, or just about any business owner with employees who are looking for free sexual harassment training resources to be compliant with your State's workplace laws, then pay close attention to everything on this page. Because the information on this page could save you thousands of dollars in hefty fines down the line.

In just a moment, you'll discover why you'll want to avoid the free State's version like the plague and invest a little bit of change into a completely hands-off sexual harassment training system. We'll give you a run downd of how free sexual harassment training vs Easyllama differ and why you would choose the later.

It flies smack in the face of everything we've ever known about boring sexual harassment training.

Then we'll walk you through step-by-step how you can avoid crippling harassment lawsuits and compliance penalties.

Now, let's get the ball rolling.

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The Truth About The State's Online Free Sexual Harassment Training Resources

Here's the deal.

There are free sexual harassment training resources available from the States themselves...

But frankly, they just don't cut it.

And here's why.

They offer no software, their content is outdated, and you'll be spinning your wheels to trace your entire team's progress before a deadline.

I'll tell you for a fact, it's nearly impossible to track your employee's progress until completion if you choose to go through the State's training program.

Imagine if a regulation officer knocks on your company's door and asks for certificates or documentation of completion...

You'd be scrambling around, looking for all the documents, and pulling out your hair to prove everyone at your company was properly trained. Yikes, that sounds like a nightmare.

And good luck trying to meet the sexual harassment training deadline for California, New York, Illinois, Maine, or just about any other State quickly. The free training is a long, slow, and outdated, manual process. Please, do yourself a favor and save your organization the hassle.

Compliance fines are nothing to laugh at either.

They can really burn a hole through your company's wallet. I'm talking about a range of a couple hundred to thousands and thousands of dollars if you don't meet the deadline on time.

You'll especially want to take every precaution to steer clear of any potential future lawsuits...

And if you don't believe me...

Ultimate Guide To State And Local Harassment Prevention Training Requirements

Download the guide outlining all the state and local laws around sexual harassment prevention training requirements.

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Let's look at the companies who failed to comply or received harassment lawsuits

  • In 2020, Google had to pledge $310 million in a sexual harassment settlement -- they have to expand diversity efforts and take care of shareholder litigation from the company's board allegations because they failed to prevent sexual harassment and hide misconduct by executives.

  • Bihun v. AT&T Information Systems was for $2 million -- This fortune was given to a manager who suffered mental and emotional distress after receiving unwelcome advances from a supervisor.

  • Mitsubishi Motors had to pay out a $34 Million harassment settlement. The payout was given to female employees who suffered a "hostile" work environment for at least 8 years.

  • In 2011, an Illinois employee was awarded $95 million in a harassment case because her complaint was mishandled.

In fact, after widespread sexual harassment allegations at McDonald's, the franchise will now require training for ALL of its restaurant staff around the world.

Researchers have also found that it's just plain bad for business...

Let me explain. Workers who have to deal with sexual harassment are impacted emotionally and psychologically. This means they are less happy at work, disgruntled, and productivity drops or absenteeism increases. An organization is estimated to lose about $22,500 dollars on average for each harassed person.

Now, that's a lot of money to flush down the toilet...

And the good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. Let's get into how you can easily avoid this fate.

Seriously, our hands-off harassment training software will get all your employees compliant with the law before a deadline...get started today!

Introducing EasyLlama: The Breakthrough Workplace Harassment Training To Get Your Team Compliant At The Push Of A Button

There's no reason to use clunky software, watch outdated training videos, and NOT track employee progress for harassment training anymore. It's a thing of the past.

If you want a training solution that is cost-effective, easy to set up, and with training that isn't awful--EasyLlama is your answer. We'll go ahead and show you why our software was voted the best on-the-go sexual harassment training solution in 2021 by The Balance SMB.

We Take All The Hassle Out of Sexual Harassment Training

When you use EasyLlama, there's virtually no learning curve. It doesn't matter if your employees are mostly 18 year-olds or 63 year-olds...

ANYBODY can effortlessly navigate, watch and enjoy our interactive training. Here's how it works.

All you have to do is send out a link to your entire team and they can get access to the training videos. This works great if you are a staffing agency that is required to constantly train or educate new workers on sexual harassment laws.

You see, if you have "deskless" employees such as construction, restaurants or shop workers, it's easier than ever to train them. All they need to do is open up their phones, click the training link, and they can go at their own pace. Anywhere. Anytime.

The course is filled with quizzes, relatable real-life scenarios, and short bite-sized videos so your team can stay engaged.

Our SaaS features do all the tracking and reporting for you. After your employees complete the training, simply export all data from EasyLlama for clean records of certification.

It doesn't matter if you have to meet an urgent deadline.

We can get you certified and compliant under Federal or State laws in the blink of an eye.

Click here to start getting your employees compliant with the law today

Automatic Reminders For Instant Notifications

There's no excuse for an employee to not get certified with our automatic reminders feature. We send out a flow of messages to remind your employees to get the training done. Our customers love that we can send a link to an employee by email AND by text message. So, everyone gets trained and receives notifications until they do their job and complete it.

We make sure your employees are trained according to the law with our "due date" feature. With this, we send smart reminders to make sure your employees receive notifications until they fully complete their training(s) assigned to them.

All of your employees will be tracked in one place. Just click export the report and you'll get all your required certificates handed to you on a silver platter.

Best In Class Prices

EasyLlama is the best online compliance platform compared to other solutions. Most of our competitors are really shady with their prices. They have all these hidden setup fees or added costs that can be a real pain.

At EasyLlama, we are transparent and upfront about prices. No setup fees, hidden charges or any funny business like that.

Depending on your package, prices start at $14.95 per training and go as low as $9.95 for over 500 employees. Just buy the number of credits you need to train your workforce (by the way, we do have a minimum credit purchase of 5!) and beat any training deadlines in a heartbeat.

Listen, the real benefit of using EasyLlama to get your workplace trained for harassment is that you won't have to lose any sleep over getting flagged for compliance AND you'll know all your employees are properly educated (so your chances of expensive lawsuits go way down).

That alone is worth it.

We guarantee you can bet the farm on how easy it is to train your employees for compliance. Check out what some of our customers are saying about this:

"SO EASY! I love this product. It saved our practice when we were in urgent need of sexual harassment training and it's been the easiest thing to use. I'm a nurse practitioner who's never managed this type of training for an entire organization and find EasyLlama has been such a great platform for us to use." - Holly B.

"A great experience all around! I wanted to let you know that using your platform has been so easy and well-received at our property, plus cost-effective. Yes, California now has free anti-harassment training online, but EasyLlama's seems to be more relevant, flexible, and easier to track for compliance." - Administrator in Hospitality

"Just what we're looking for. The site is very user-friendly and the customer service is amazing, technical support responds within minutes." - User in Construction

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The Bottom Line Is....

If you are looking for a great price for quality content, try out EasyLlama. We're so confident you'll love our training, here's a free demo on the house. It'll be like "dipping your toe in the water" before jumping in.

Join thousands of other happy companies who used our really, really simple software to become compliant with sexual harassment laws. We even have the best seminar for sexual harassment and many more resources for you.

Yes! I want to test drive the training now!

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