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5 Effective Training Tips To Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace, has never had so much light shone on it than in most recent times.

With more and more people coming forward and reporting misconduct in the workplace, It is no wonder that movements such as #MeToo have gained such a vast following. However, with even more cases coming to light, the rise of complaints in the last 18 months has risen by a staggering 13.6%, it is becoming a necessity for businesses to implement a thorough, and in depth training program, that educates all employees on proper workplace conduct and etiquette.

Below are 5 tips to help managers and supervisors identify potential infringements, and most importantly, how to prevent it.

5 Effective Training Tips To Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Tip #1 The Responsibility of Managers/Supervisors

It is highly recommended that managers and supervisors undergo additional and comprehensive training. This will provide them with the tools and information to handle formal complaints, as well as monitoring the outcome. It is not an uncommon occurrence that retaliation is used against the individual filing the complaint, and managers who can correctly enforce a zero tolerance policy, will also be equipped to reduce future complaints and potential legal action. As part of an extensive training, managers will learn techniques specifically designed to avert aggravated scenarios.

Tip # 2 Provide Training To All Employees

Sexual harassment awareness is essential for all staff members. Regardless of your employment status. Training should be a priority and readily available to seasonal and casual workers, right through to senior management. Everyone can benefit from the proper material and each team member will learn their individual responsibilities.

Tip #3 Include The Company Social Media Policy In Training

With social media being a massive part of promoting a business, it is a sensible decision to include training on what is acceptable content to post on social media platforms. What at first glance may seem like a minor prank or joke, can in fact become a costly court case. Employees who understand how indecent photographs, text or images can become violations of company policy can become ambassadors of safe workplace compliance.

Tip #4 Train Offsite Team Members

Working away, or working from home can still leave employees vulnerable to sexual harassment. Inappropriate emails, texts and phone calls, can all be considered forms of harassment. Providing remote employees with easy access to training that is available on all devices will increase their ability to identify and report misconduct.

Tip #5 Provide Training Material In Multiple Languages

For all team members to understand and gain the benefits from the training material, it is important for employers to consider offering training in multiple languages. Not only does this promote a diverse working environment, but employees will retain more information when it is easier for them to comprehend. Employers are encouraged to check in with employees reading from their native language, to make sure that everyone in the workplace has similar understanding.

With these 5 tips, managers and employers are well on the way to implementing a safe and educated workplace. can help you implement an effective training solution. Our online training platform gives easy access to sexual harassment training and works on any device. Make us your number one choice in compliance training.

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