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How to Effectively Prevent Video Conference Harassment

With the current events, many of you will use video conference to organize meetings. However, harassment may also happen during those type of calls. Video conference harassment is a type of discrimination that includes racial slurs, threatening language and offensive comments. This type of poor behavior is damaging and has the potential to affect employees during a video conference.

For this reason we believe, here at EasyLlama, that it is very important to make your workplace as safe and secure as possible. With the recent developments, more and more companies must rely upon virtual communication to continue business remotely, our goal is to ensure your employees are fully supported and secure during this time of virtual communication.

HR professionals and managers must be properly prepared to deal with third-party individuals who attempt to gain access to video conferences. Understanding the strategies to use if someone gains unauthorized access to a video conference is the best option for addressing the issue. First and foremost, these strategies can be used today as they are easy to implement and help keep all employees safe from any type of online harassment.

  • Only use secure video platforms that require a password to login. Participants and hosts should be properly trained on the platform and understand how to safely login.

  • Use a different meeting number for each conference that takes place. This is very important for keeping conferences private and secure. It is important that hosts do not share information about the meeting publicly. This includes links, meeting ID's, phone numbers or emails that lead directly to the conference.

  • Take an attendance check for every video conference and confirm who is present.

  • Limit who has the ability to share content and use chat features within the video conference.

  • Know how to effectively remove a participant if harassment occurs.

  • Know how to end the entire video conference if harassment continues.

  • Report any harassment to HR managers immediately to prevent issues in future video conference calls.

Open communication with managers and other employees will help to ensure the video conference stays secure. If employees are not aware of the issue, they will not be able to prevent it. This is why communication is key and the issue should be taken just as seriously as if it was in-person harassment.

  • Go over security features with IT department to verify security settings are working.

  • Notify management of the harassment and which security breaches may have led to the individual gaining access.

  • Contact local law enforcement if needed.

Keeping virtual conference calls 100% safe and secure is our ultimate goal. Our first priority is employee safety both in-person and online. If you have any other questions, the EasyLlama team is here to help answer your questions.

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