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California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

The Assembly Bill 1825 (New California Government Code Section 12950.1) was added to the government code that oversees employment practices. This bill would require that employers that have fifty or more employees, including remote workers, independent contractors and full time employees, to provide two hours of training to supervisory employees.

EasyLlama provides AB 1825 training online through a series of bite-sized and interactive lessons in its Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for CA Managers course which lasts two hours.

All employers must provide this training within one year unless the employer has offered sexual harassment training to employees after January 1, 2003. This bill requires that sexual harassment training be offered once every two years after January 1, 2006. Also, an employer's compliance does not insulate him or her from sexual harassment liability from current or past employees.


What is a Supervisor?


A supervisor can be defined as a person who make recommendations about others and have some sort of control over other employees.


What are the Liabilities if an employer does bot train employees?

Bill AB 1825 states that employers who fail to offer sexual harassment training and education can be made to do so by DFEH. The law also states that providing the training does not offer a defense to sexual harassment claims. The employer that fails to provide the training may come under fire from the plaintiff's attorneys saying that the employer showed "reckless regard" for the law. An employer who provides sexual harassment training will be seen as more proactive in stopping these incidents in the workplace.


Can Online Training Be Used to Meet Bill AB 1825 Requirements?


Yes, online training can meet the standards set by Bill AB 1825. Online training can be used as an acceptable form of interactive training. Online training allows companies to reach more employees easier and faster. A well-developed online training program must be used that offers quizzes, track the completion of each participant, and provide the employer with the training date of completion.


Even though online training can meet the Bill AB 1825 requirement, an employer should strive to have more elaborate and more frequent trainings on sexual harassment. An employer who offers more frequent and in-depth trainings on sexual harassment and other forms of abuse within the workplace will be seen as more proactive.


What Kind of Content Would There Be in a Training Session?


By California law, the training would need to be two hours. The employee would need to know the legal definition of sexual harassment under both the FEHA and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The employee would be introduced to statues and laws prohibiting sexual harassment, and be shown examples of conduct that count as sexual harassment. The course would also include resources for those that have been sexually harassed and ways to prevent sexual harassment within the workplace. This type of training would outline the duty of the supervisor to report sexual harassment and a description of how the compliant process works. The training would also provide resources and ways of reporting for the person wanting to report sexual harassment. This training would also include what supervisors should do if they are accused of harassment. The training would also go over rules and ethics in the workplace to avoid sexual harassment and what constitutes and effective anti-sexual harassment policy.


Where Can I Go to Take a Course?


There are many places online that people can take programs to help with compliance training. One such site is EasyLlama, EasyLlama offers comprehensive programs about sexual harassment. EasyLlama uses an interactive program to help users understand what sexual harassment is and how to avoid it in the workplace. Lessons on EasyLlama can be used on a mobile phone. EasyLlama allows for flexibility allowing the learner to move at their own pace. The user can also check his or her understanding with quizzes throughout the course.

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